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Virginia Woolf

Questa è la trama con TUTTO =D

Mrs Dalloway is a story that take place in London in a single day. The main character is Clarissa Dalloway, a woman who had to organize a party for the evening. She was going to a flower shop when a car (symbol of the Empire of Britain) capture her attention. In the same street there are Septimus and his wife Lucrezia. The former suffered of shell shock because, while he was in war, he saw his friend Evans dying. He felt guilty since he escaped death and his psychic sufferance is expressed in physical way, such as headache, insomnia and (sexuality) impotence. For this reasons he was going to Sir William Bradshaw, a nerve specialist which suggest him to go into one of his clinics. In this part of the novel, Virginia underline the subjective perception of the time: while this interview lasts three-quarter of an hour, Septimus felt like it never ends. (à se te lo chiede, sappiamo che dura così “poco” perchè uscendo dallo studio Septimus saw a clock, symbol of he objective time). At the same time, Clarissa receives an unexpected visit from Peter Walsh, a man she loved in her youth and who asked her to marry him. She refused and married Richard because the latter is the symbol of stability, certain, security since he was a member of Parliament and reflected the Victorian Values ( Sono duty, charity, hard work, respectability), instead Peter, even if he was her true love, was passion and instability. Since Clarissa was insecure and suffered of depression, choose the stability, represented by Richard. Clarissa never met Septimus, but she heard about it at the party, where Sir William Bradshaw said that a patient died. In fact Septimus jumped out of the window of his room. The strange fact is that he did this in a moment of quiet and positive feelings: he was with his wife and they were talking like they did few time. Septimus seemed to be a normal person to Lucrezia (tradotto: a lucrezia Septimus sembrava una persona normale). She suffered a lot for the shell shock of the husband. She didn’t fell his wife, but his mother because Septimus developed a dependence for protection upon Lucrezia. This fact could be observed also in Clarissa, which developed a dependence for stability upon Richard. Instead, the difference between Clarissa and Septimus are in the distinction of the external reality, not clear in the mind of Septimus, while Clarissa never loses her awareness of the outside world. The novelist ends with the line “For there she was”, suggesting an image of Clarissa more conscious: for the whole story Clarissa was obsessed by the death, but in this last line she accepted the life and the death as a part of the existence, she considered life as a voyage to death.

Subjective reality came to be identified with the technique called Stream of consciousness…

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